Chia Seeds for Weight Loss

The small chia are consider a “superfoods” for a good reason, they are low in calories, rich in nutrients and an excellent source of protein and fiber that makes them essential for any diet. At just 129 calories the seeds can regulate the mood, stabilize blood pressure and boost weight loss. When the Chia Seed is exposed to water or other liquids it begins to hydrate which makes it increase in size. This will keep you feeling full for longer periods, which will help you reduce your calorie intake and stay away from unhealthy snacks.

Popular among vegetarians, vegans and athletes in general, chia seeds contain an average of 23% protein, including all essential amino acids (AAE), which equivalent to what you get from animal protein.

Today we know chia seeds can directly burn fat accumulated around the waist and abdomen, helping to keep a flat stomach. Chia seeds can accelerate the metabolism, regulate and stimulate the functioning of the intestine, and promote the digestion of fat, thanks to its high fiber and calcium content (about 20% of daily calcium intake in one serving). Rich in omega-3, it is one of the richest plants in omega-3 in the world, chia helps to fight against the appearance of cellulite. Other interesting effect as part of a balanced diet, the seed is a fabulous appetite suppressant, quickly giving a feeling of satiety that will help to moderate the appetite and the quantities of foods you eat, but also to avoid cravings between meals. This is thanks to its high protein content that reduces appetite, and fiber that gives the stomach the feeling of being full, so the stomach sends a signal to the brain to prevent it from stopping the feeling of hunger. Thanks to its fiber content, seeds are effective against constipation. Interesting effect, the chia has sedative and relaxing virtues to fight against stress and anxiety, often leading to unbridled diet.

Chia seeds contain:

  • Five times more calcium than milk.
  • Three times more antioxidants than blueberries.
  • Three times more iron than spinach.
  • Twice as much fiber as oats.
  • Twice as much protein as any vegetable.
  • Twice as much potassium as a banana.

Chia seeds can be eaten with vegetable milk, yoghurt, salad, fruit, sauce, soup, creams, vegetables, etc. You can even buy it ground to prepare desserts to enjoy its benefits.

Chia seeds can be consumed in a variety of ways, but when your goal is to lose weight, it is advisable to consume 2 tablespoons of chia seeds a day, without exceeding 25 g. The ideal is to take them 30 minutes before the meal to make the most of their benefits, and it is best to do so at breakfast and at dinner. You can also start by taking only one spoon and doubling this amount after a few days.

To slim down with chia seeds, you can prepare them in the following way: pour a spoon of chia seeds into a glass with water and let rest for at least 30 minutes. You will notice that a sort of gelatinous paste has formed which you will have to take with the seeds, although you can, if you prefer, grind the chia seeds before preparing them or buying them grounded. It is also recommend that you put the seeds in mineral water before eating it, avoid tap water because it may lead to losing some of the seed’s properties.

The recommended daily dose of chia seeds is around 15 g. This equals to approx. 2 tablespoons and about 67 kcal. You can use it as an appetizer, for example as part of a diet, it quickly becomes clear that they contribute to the reduction of your overall daily caloric balance

The United States established the amount of daily consumption of chia seeds at 50 g. In the Latin American countries where chia seeds originated, they are no limitation to the daily consumption. However, it is advisable no eat more than the daily recommended amount.

Other Benefits of Chia Seeds

  • Chia is the richest plant in omega-3 fatty acids.
  • They contain antioxidants, proteins, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and fibers.
  • They do not contain gluten.
  • They have no flavor or smell.
  • They give plenty of energy.
  • They lower cholesterol levels and regulate blood pressure.
  • They facilitate digestion.
  • They are good for the heart.
  • They improve muscle tone and tissue regeneration.
  • They regulate the blood sugar level.
  • Chia seeds contain little sodium.

Studies have shown repeatedly that the chia seed could reduce appetite or craving, however it has not yet been proven if the small seeds had slimming virtues! That being said, the chia seed has so many benefits, it would be almost a crime not to eat it;).

Regularly adding to your diet will have benefits for your health in general, they are an asset not to be missed. Try to consume chia seeds almost every day, for example by adding a tablespoon to your water bottle or pudding, in a smoothie or salad.