About Me

Almost four and a half years ago, I saw a nutritionist who told me point blank that if I kept going, I was going to die. I was going through a not-so-obvious phase, and I had started to party a lot (understand, a lot of alcohol) to make up for it. Since I was gaining weight, I made some stupid decisions, like starving myself. I was soft, did not practice any sport, and had just taken 8kilos in 3 months of excess of all kinds. I had landed at this nutritionist to reassure me, I expected to hear that I had a normal weight and that it was going to go. He looked at me, and said, “Are you aware of what you are doing, miss? then you have no excuse. ”

Since that day, I stopped the alcohol, eat healthy 95% of the time, and train in the gym 1h / 1:30 per day, 6 days a week. I lost 20 pounds, and gained a respect for my body, a new passion, and what I desperately needed at the time: a little confidence in myself.

I created this blog because I like writing. I am a literary person and because I want to share my experience, my tips and my good habit that used in my journey to well-being. My blog is my place of expression. But also yours. I really want to build a community of passionat people, in which we exchange ideas, points of view. I aspire to help those who, like me, have experienced overweight issues. Depression too. In my world, you will find fitness tips, recipes (because food is life), motivation, but also sports or urban fashion favorites. Daily tips. I want you to be comfortable. You can subscribe to the newsletter to receive the news live. Or not. If you do not want my little head in your mailbox.

You will discover what will make you lose weight.

All the information I will reveal to you, represents more than 6 months of research. This blog is a summary of my knowledge acquired on the road of form.

This will save you time and avoid a lot of mistakes (which I made!) I love working, creating, and discovering new things. So I did a lot of research, and tested a lot of ways to lose fat. And this in a 100% natural way.

It was on the Internet that I found the first information. This then pushed me to buy books.

I discovered that it is possible to lose weight without suffering, without doing 10 hours of sport a week and being happy!

I did not want to look like these unhappy girls in front of their salads, or be super skinny without any form, or be a female bodybuilder. I realized that it was possible to want to be well in your skin, to have shapes and weigh 15 pounds less without being a relentless sport!